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Designer Nylon Wrinkle Free Travel Dresses For Women This Summer 2019

Who doesn’t love to go on a long holiday spree right? Nobody in this world wants to miss out on a long relaxing haul with the blue sea and the fresh breeze. Come on ladies its summer! The time that we wait whole winters so patiently for is finally here, put your holiday outfits on because of summer calls for a blast of fun! But wait, talking about outfits and gears, something very unsettling in clicking in my mind, ugh packing again. Packing up is one of the most hectic jobs that I have ever encountered in this world, like really people, what can be more boring than packing stuff up. It’s like an unwanted duty on you because if you forget something, there will be no one capable of the punishment other than you yourself. But the thing is, stuffing clothes and other things in our suitcase is really not the main problem here, the main problem is getting them all out. Yeah no, I am not talking about the weight of the suitcase or anything, we are self-empowered women, we sure can handle some weight. But what we can’t handle and what really scares us are the things that come out of the suitcase, yes ladies I sure am talking about wrinkled clothes.


When the first sight of those wrinkled clothes are seen, the first thing that comes to a women’s mind is “what’s the point of all this?”. No literally, what’s the point of coming on vacation and pressing clothes for like half of the day, this kind of problem really turns on that mood off switch. The worst part about these scrambled clothes is that no matter how neatly we pack them, they are still going to turn out with the wrinkles of neatness. So we are hopeless here, until and unless we have some amazing wrinkle-free clothes to take with us on our relaxing trip. But as we all know that there is no such label on the shop’s states as “find wrinkle free clothes here”, so we have to find it ourselves. These below are the few tips that are going to help you throughout your whole voyage of finding wrinkle free beautiful dresses.

  • THE MAGIC IS IN THE FABRIC: wrinkle free travel clothes are a relief, but they are not rocket science. It’s not like some scientist used his super secretive formula to design this kind of clothes. They were always available for us, but as human beings, our eyes were not too keen to find them. Its all about the fabric when it comes to women’s travel clothing wrinkle-free. A travel dress wrinkle-free can be made up of some specific fabric such as polyester, nylon or rayon. Anything other than these three fabrics will surely wrinkle. These type of fabric are carefully blended with micro fibre particles, which really gives them the stretch that is needed for not wrinkling.
  • QUALITY CHECK! since the demand for nylon and polyester has increased drastically, the workload on the brands and the companies have also increased. Apart from the workload, many frauds have taken over the clothing market too because selling fake stretchable clothes is like easy money and who wouldn’t want that. Just like them, the big brands are playing the same game, but they are playing it safe. Many of these big companies are composing nylon and polyester by mixing impure and foul fabric in them. This way the fabric will look all polished beautiful and new when you will buy it for a fortune of money, but it will wear off in some washes. Ladies, sadly we don’t have a proper solution to this because we don’t have any kind of handy fabric checking machine and we certainly can’t buy from every brand for a check. its better to stay on the safe side by trusting the most loved and trusted brand in America and that is Barbara gerwit. They have the best wrinkle-free dresses that you can ever think off, make sure that you check out their great work.
  • LET THOSE COLOURS FLY. Travel clothing wrinkle-free can be hype to many of us out there, but when we think about polyester and nylon type of fabric, there is this dull and colourless image to comes to our mind. Mostly nylon can be a very boring fabric, a fabric that only tops and shirts have. But some brand has really made them exciting and colourful, like Barbara gerwit. Well, we won’t say some brand because clearly, only Barbara gerwit has composed the most beautiful ones. Maybe they really understood the gist of no-wrinkle travel clothes because women don’t just want wrinkle-free travel pants or wrinkle-free tops, we also sure want some beautiful designs and colours with them. A power-packed attire that is wrinkle resistant, beautiful, colourful, comfortable and trendy, is this too much to ask for? Obviously no! that’s why Barbara gerwit has it all for us! Yes, ladies, they just don’t have the kind of fabric we need, but they have it in the best form. The designs and the type that is available is absolutely breathtaking. It’s like the clothes are literally carved with a lot of love and care for sure when going on a holiday spree, barbara gerwit is the one to call out. You got 100 problems with packing, but wrinkles are not one of them. But what if the kind of clothes that we intend on keeping can never be from a fabric material like nylon or polyester, like a formal shirt. What happens then? Tune in ahead and you will know the solution to this kind of solution.





Shirts are like the ultimate boss of any attire, we always do pack shirts for every event that we plan on going in. be it some kind of destination wedding, maybe an office meeting, a dress-up event or anything like that, shirts are compulsory in every case. But the most disturbing part that comes to taking the shirt anywhere is the wrinkles again. Now, we can have a nylon or polyester shirt, but that will be a T-shirt, not a formal suit shirt. That means for this task we will really have to step up our golding game because that is the only way we are going to make it from one place to another in a suitcase being wrinkle free. If you are giving hanging the clothes a second thought, then please don’t because that would be a waste of your thinking capacity. If we plan on hanging the clothes, then what’s the point of bringing a suitcase, why don’t we just take a dozen hangers and roam around the airport? If we certainly make it despite all the humiliation, the people from cargo are really not going to find a separate place for our hangers. So we already know that hanging is not an option, then how are we really going to make it with wrinkle-free shirts. Well, this means that we really have to understand the rocket science of a perfect fold because that is the only thing that can save these formal shirts from being wrinkled to being no wrinkle travel clothes. But you know the drill right? You don’t have to worry because we always come up with an active and working solution. These below are some points that are really going to help you get through the wrinkly stress.


  • First things first, you have to make sure that your shirt is all buttoned up because open buttons can cause the shirt to go out of the folding way.
  • Did I mention that you are going to need a table or any hard surface for this step? What you have to do is lay the shirt face down on any hard surface that you can find. By “face down” I meant the button side down.
  • Now after facing it down, neatly spread the sleeves of the shirt like some wings, not chicken wings, a airplane’s wings or something like that.
  • Now, people, this step requires an expert math master. If you are not one of them, the. You better go fix your math with angles or else this is going to get really tricky. All you have to do is fold the sleeves. But not just any fold, you have to carefully fold the sleeves inward taking it all the way to the middle of the shirt. Make sure that you don’t damage the crisp of the shirt.
  • Now from each side of the shirt that is left, you have to fold it inside from each side. But not the shirt entirely, you have to fold out at least 3 inches from each side. You ask, how will you know if you are doing it wrong or right? You know that you are doing a good job if you see a “V” neatly formed at the back top of your shirt.
  • Now be very very careful here because if you mess this step up, you are probably going to ruin all your hard work. You have to fold the shirt again, but this time from the bottom to the top. Make sure you make a perfect square or a rectangle when you finish, this will tell you that the shirt is neatly folded. You can make the folds tighter if you want more space, if not, then you are good to go!

If you want this kind of formal shirts of yours to stay extra wrinkle free, they may use a dryer sheet here. It’s the kind of sheet that all the fancy stores use to keep their formal shirts presentable. You can find this kind of sheet anywhere in your local stores. It gives the clothing a kind of a “interstitial suspension” and because of this suspension. The fabric doesn’t wrinkled up, once you end up folding it and there is more to this dryer sheet, it keeps your clothes and your bag with a soft scent. But what if we want some iron free dresses, that are not available in our desired fabric. Wanna know more about turning the wrinkled clothes into wrinkle-free clothes (dresses) then stay tuned.




Everybody in this world loves going on a sophisticated trip for a holiday, a kind of vacation where there are long beautiful dresses with all suited up men and women on the cocktail bar. Yes, these kind of holidays are quite fun, but they sure come with their own problems. The worst problem with these kinds of modern and luxurious trips is the problem of keeping your dresses wrinkle free for all the time or travel. Dresses can give you a really hard time with packing, even more harder than the packing of the shirts or anything. Shirts already have natural creases, so you always know where to fold and how to fold. On the other hand, dresses don’t have them, they are mostly sleeveless and air lined which makes the job harder. Researching specifically something that can help you, people, to pack your dress wrinkle free for your next trip was not an easy job, but we did it anyways! So down here are some amazing tips that can really help you with the packing of your beloved cocktail dresses.

  • First of all, you will be needing some high-quality acid free cleaning bags. The kind of plastic bags that are used in keeping and storing expensive and luxury clothes. But don’t get too stressed out with these terms because these bags are quite cheap.
  • Before keeping your dresses in those bags, make sure that the bags are absolutely clean from their inside out. This is how you know that your dress is going to be odour free when you will take that out. Make sure that your special dress is also fresh dry cleaned.
  • Now is the important part, lay down the dress carefully on a hard surface and brush it slightly with your hands, so this way you will be extra sure that there are no wrinkles present. Now carefully slide the plastic bag on your dress and take any excess air out of it. If the plastic bag is too big for your dress and there is some excessive part left in the end, the. Wrap that part up and tie a knot.
  • Make sure that you keep your casual dresses first, also be sure that you folded them tight so you have enough space in your suitcase for all the formal dress to fit in.
  • Now carefully when you have pilled up your casual dresses and other clothing. Place the casual dress over them. You have to lay it down, not fold it. The lay down will ensure that you don’t really have to fold it and the plastic bag will keep it away from any kind of wrinkle.
  • But still folding is still a better option, when you have kept the clothes in the bag then fold it 1 or maybe 2 times. This is the only way you are going to get the most less or maybe no wrinkles.
  • Try to fold it from the very between, if you have some kind of waistline in your dress then that is a plus point. Fold it from that spot so you know that it is going to stay spotless.
  • The hassle is not ended yet, you still need to pack all these folded clothes in one big plastic bag after keeping more plastic bags in between. Its good to know that plastic prevents the friction between the clothes. That means there is going to be less wrinkling overall.


Now obviously we are not going to pack all the formal and nylon dresses when going on a trip, there are 100 kinds of dresses that we would want to pack. Then what about those? How are we going to pack those because we can’t wrap all of them in a plastic wrap because it will look kind of shady and stuffy? Plus, our clothes can get all that plastic sweat from the wraps and that can really give them a bad odour. All we need here is some really good kind of folding techniques. Specifically for our casual clothing, we are going to use a new packing technique called rolling. Rolling can really reduce the number of wrinkles, it will maybe remove all the wrinkles.

  • First things first, all you have to do is copy the first step from the above two exercises, and that is lay the clothing on their front “front-down”.
  • If your clothing has any sleeves then fold them in as you did before, if it’s a sleeveless or a short sleeve shirt then maybe fold a few inches. This way you will get a nice wrinkle free short sleeve shirts.
  • Now fold the attire in half, but vertically and very carefully. You don’t want to put any wrinkles on the clothing even before packing it.
  • Always roll the clothing from the very bottom, bottom to up is the most effective way when it comes to rolling. Make sure that you keep the roll very tight from the start so that the fabric doesn’t slip. A tight fold is going to prevent wrinkling.
  • The same steps are going to fold every casual attire, you obviously won’t want to fold your formal dresses by the rolling technique.


So far, these techniques are going to come handy sooner or later in your travelling sprees. But if you are a fan of comfortable and wrinkle-free dress shirts women, that I would suggest you visit Barbara gerwit because nobody in America does better than them. They are going to change your perspective on wrinkle free and beautiful clothing.