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The sun is out, bright and glossy, the birds are out building their perfect homes and there are flowers. Colourful and beautiful flowers growing in your backyard, the snow is finally gone and the hot winds are here. People are starting to pack up there beach balls and umbrellas, it looks like there are love and pixie dust in the air. Yes, people, we are talking about that season of the year that we await the most for, the season that helps us ladies get that hot tan, the season that pulls us to the beaches and hilltop trips again, summer is finally here. Whenever we think of summer, there is always a happy vibe that swirls around us, the vibe lets us feel like we are in some kind of spiritual awakening and all of a sudden we are at a beach sipping a cocktail and just chilling in our minds. But people now you all don’t just have to stay in that mind, now is the time to pack up for a perfect holiday because the hot winds don’t stay much longer. Besides all the things like we plan for summer for example barbecues, there is a whole lot of problems coming when the season is here. Nuh uh, we are not talking about drains and house maintenance, here we are talking about some serious lady issues, for example, oh have to get that summer body and “mom, I’m out of clothes”. yes, these are some really serious issues that no one actually addresses, but we are going to talk about some serious clothing issues that women go through in summer. There are a whole lot of issues that ladies go through because it’s really hard to maintain a trend with comfort. Obviously, everybody loves to look exquisite and out of the crowd, but these trendy dresses are not made for summer because of their uncomfortable nature. Summers can be bummer for most of us, only if we don’t know the right tips to dress for it. The people who don’t have any clue about the nature of clothes in summer, those ones go in a serious clothing malfunction on every occasion or even in casual life. They always look confused, uncomfortable and sweaty, but don’t worry ladies. We know that you people don’t wanna be in the list of those people, so step up and buckle up because we are going to take you on a summer closet journey. What will you learn at the end of the read? you will have a firm grasp on everything related to summer clothing and what should you people do and don’t regarding your clothing in summer. Now, people, it’s very important to know everything about summer clothing because summers really don’t last too long, so we have to make it worth our while to enjoy summer to its best.


Whenever any season is coming, we try our very best to prepare for it. Especially when it comes to clothing because it’s a very difficult subject and its quite hard to put a finger on it. When summer is near, each and every brand introduce something or their own, which makes the choosing part much much more difficult. They give us so much variety that it gets mind-boggling to think of what to buy and what not to buy, the worst part about the new collection is their prices because it’s their money making time. High-class brands have excellent money advisors and they exactly know that when the hot season is near, women get hopeless about buying clothes. So they can set their prices as high as possible and still ladies will be willing to break their banks for a dress that they can get at a dollar store. But don’t you worry ladies, because when you are with us, we will make sure that you never get scammed by anyone at all. That’s why we are going to educate you right, all about the dos and donts of buying clothing in general for summer.



For going on to more complex parts, it’s very very important for all the new people to learn about the basics of summer clothing. don’t go on the title, it may sound a bit funny and you may have scoffed and thought about “who wants to know the definition of summer clothing?” but trust us, darling, this is not just the definition of summer clothing, but it’s much much more than that. We are sure that this piece is going to come in handy for you someday. Summer wear is not something that you wear in summer, for example, if you are going out wearing a winter jacket in summer, won’t make it summer clothing right? This season has its own code of conduct for clothes. Something that is really complex and hard to understand. The type of clothing that is related to the season summer is always light, colourful and comfortable. Do you remember these three points? So you are good to go from the basics. All of these three aspects complement each other in some of the other ways, the colours compliment the attraction of the harmful rays of the sun and being comfortable will obviously help you be sweat free. Light fabric and a light dress will always make you look easy and cool, you would never want to wear something like a whole tail dress on the streets on summer right? So light is actually the most important part. But these components do have their limiting factors, factors such as price and size are the most troubling ones. Even if you find that perfect summer dress, that you were dreaming for all winter. Maybe the price or lack of size will stop you from taking that beauty home. people, there is always a solution to this kind of problems and that is to find a trustable brand. When you find a brand that you can trust with quality and price, then it feels as if you have accomplished something great in life. Then you won’t really have any problem in finding clothing for any kind of season.



We live in a world where there is a heavy diversity in culture and lifestyle, people live very differently from each other. They have their own way of dressing, eating and living in general. That means that obviously, their dressing style is also very different. But when we talk about summer, it’s the only time that people start wearing somewhat alike clothes, there are only beautiful and comfortable dresses everywhere on the streets when the heat is blowing up minds. it won’t be very funny to say that summer brings unity because maybe it does bring people clothes in an aspect of clothing. like we said that there is like an imaginary type of code in summer, that we need to understand properly if we want to get the best dress around town. We have to keep in mind about some fee components, these points can really help you get through the whole process of shopping with ease and no hassle at all.

  • COLOURS COLOURS BABY! Colours give life to anything at all, life without colours actually seem pretty sad and boring. But the colours don’t only have to stay in the world around us, we can also indulge ourself in colourful experiences by wearing beautiful colours in our clothing style. The colour part of dresses changes a lot with seasons, for example, it’s light and bright colours for summer and darker for the cold days. This is not a specific rule, but all the words have some reason behind them. Light and bright colours are preferred for summers because of their light reflecting quality, they won’t really let the heat get you. Plus, you will always look fresh and ready to face the world in bright colours. Whereas, for colours such as black and all the dark colours, these colours actually absorb heat. So you will end up looking like a sweat pit if you are going with darker colours.
  • LIGHT IS THE KEY! We are not talking about a bulb or a LED light, we are actually talking about light clothing, light fabric. Apart from the colour, the fabric can really affect the style that you might be wearing. A heavy and thick fabric is of no use in summer season because you will end up being uncomfortable, sweaty and the worst part, you might start to stink too. So its always better to play it safe with the clothing in summer, try to wear stuff like linen that is light and cool. So you stay and feel fresh all day and night. These type of clothing will keep you very comfortable, it’s important to get most of the comfort that you can avail in summers because the sun is enough to make you dead uncomfortable.
  • Were you waiting for the third point to be a lecture on what you should wear according to your body? Oh, come on we are not here to fat or skinny shame you! It’s 2019 you all, go out there like empowered women and wear whatever you want( make sure it’s comfortable)


Summer is the time when people plan the most holidays because the season is just ideal for deep sea dips and chilling out in the sun. ladies love to show off a little skin when its summer because duh, they worked on the summer body for the whole winter. But there is always a constant problem with ladies to choose the perfect holiday dress because the trends keep updating every year, you can’t really put on something from the past year and call it vintage right? So its better to know all about what to wear and what not to wear on the two most visited places in summer. We are going to tell you all about the resort and beach clothing, so you have the perfect idea for what to pack for your upcoming trip.



You might be thinking that why do you people have to know about resort wear for LADIES. from our point of view, resorts are the most fancy and sophisticated places on earth and you won’t want to go there dressed up to violate their dress code because that would really look stupid. Yes, people, resorts do have a very specific and very “important to know about” dress code. Many people don’t even know about it and they pack all wrong, this is really going to help you stay away from humiliation. The dress code for the resort is actually easy on men but a little tricky for the women out there, it has some really complicated points that you might want to look into before you step ours for the trip. Briefly, there points state that women have to dress modest but trendy, they can’t wear anything that is entirely casual because that will violate the code. In short, too much casual and too much fancy is not allowed at all, sounds quite confusing right? Like how will a person find something that is not entirely casual and not too much fancy at all. Sure seems like a lot of searching work here. For resort wear, we will suggest you look into dresses and the ones with bright colours will go the best.

  • Dresses are kind of a long gone fashion, that is returning back. If you think that dresses will be a little fancy for the resort. Then you might want to look into the kind of dresses that are moderate in designs. This is actually the best thing about this type of clothing that, they can be trimmed to our wants in any possible way.
  • Go for more colours and vibrant prints, this will make your dress look to the more casual and not to the fancy and sophisticated side. Colours will bring out the fun side of the dress, they will make them more vibrant and beautiful in general. Are you worried about where are you going to find a dress like this? don’t worry because we are going to guide you all about it.



Blue sea, the brown grainy sand and a perfect tan are all a part of the fresh vibes of summer and a beach trip is a perfect way to express those summer feelings out. Beaches in summer is like a prophecy come true, nowadays it’s like a ritual that everybody just adores in finishing. But going to these beach trips can result in a serious bummer if we don’t have the perfect clothes for the summertime madness. Beaches are open public spaces and they are mostly occupied fully with a lot of people, so you always want to look just the best when you are on a water trip, who doesn’t like to look like a walking diva who force people to drop their jaws by her looks right?. its good for you to know that the swimsuit era is over now and people are hungry for more and more modest and beautiful looking stuff to wear on a beach. Proper beach dresses, that’s what we can call them. Something beautiful yet modest at the same time, something spicy but sweet at the same time. People really face a hard time in searching for the dresses that they think will be perfect for the beach, they are always thinking about where can I buy summer clothes. Clothes that will fit perfectly for a relaxing beach trip. before buying the actual thing, it’s better to put a finger on what will you want to buy. For beaches, we would suggest you go with the trend, to buy a dress. But not just any dress, a proper beach dress that has room for your beautiful skin to show. A dress with beautiful and vibrant colours, so that they can really go with the yellow sun, brown sand and crystal blue water. We know this sounds too much, but you don’t have to worry when you have us, you don’t have to worry about where to buy summer clothes now because we have got you ladies covered.


There is a place where you can find everything and literally everything regarding summer clothing, from summer wear for girls to summer wear for women, WE have it all. Yes, people, we are talking about non-other than Barbara Gerwit. The most trusted brand when it comes to all kind of summer clothing, we are proud experts in what we do with your apparel for summer. Each and every article that is made by us is beautifully composed and designed to fit your hot day needs. When you have Barbara Gerwit with you, you won’t have to worry a bit about thinking, where to buy summer clothes. We really don’t have to brag about our traits in aspects of quality because our customer reviews are going to tell you all about it, but we are still going to educate you on the fact that why should you buy from us?


  • We are people of words, we give what we promise to you and we promise quality clothing. what’s the point of wearing an expensive dress that is low in quality right? You won’t be able to make the most out of the dress and you certainly won’t be comfortable with the dress at all. When we say high quality, we mean high quality in fabric. Fabric that shows from a distance, fabric that speaks for itself. We deal in only 100% pure fabric weather its linen or cotton, you can be sure that we have only the best ones.
  • Apart from all the technical things in the dress, the composition also consists of many beautiful colours and trust us, we have it all! We worked out some rare, unique and oh so stunning colours. These type of colours are sure to really blow your mind out, the kind of colours we have composed together bring out the most from the dress. They are the thing that really gives meaning to the clothing, the best thing about this is that we have a whole range of combinations. You don’t like one? You always have the choice to pick ours from three or maybe four more combinations of the same clothing.
  • We know that women love to choose from a whole range of products, its true that the shops and websites that have less or no variety at all are quite shady. They look like they are not here to sell, but they are here to look for victims for their next kill, and being honest no lady wants to buy from a store like this because there is always a possibility that the next shop will have something better. But that is not the case with us because we have so much variety that you will get tired of browsing more and more dresses. We should warn you ahead that you might end up buying things that you were not here for. We have everything from caps to sandals, you name it you get it.


Now you won’t have to visit here and there for little needs because we already have you covered, you will just have to open your device and browse our site. You will find everything that you needed for your holiday trip. we can say that we are making lives a lot easier for the women who struggle with “we have nothing to wear” issues. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself that perfect summer dress! Because you deserve it.