Engineered Knit Palazzo Pants Style 105D12 T
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Engineered Knit Palazzo Pants Style 105D12 T


Engineered Knit Palazzo Pants Style 105D12 T


There is no better combination than turquoise being paired with white: Together, they make for a classic color recipe that will never go out of fashion. This pair of palazzo pants, available in a range of sizes, is all set to do a number of things: Their general cut makes them great to wear in the summer, and their patterns make them stand out in a crowd immediately. Whether you’re wearing them at a party indoors or on a day out at the beach, you will be as comfortable as visible. Imagine never having to worry about not looking fashionable in comfortable clothes—because these palazzo pants are here to tell you that you can do both these things at a time.

The colors and the patterns on these palazzo pants mean that your options for pairing them aren’t limited at all. You can don a tunic over them—in white or in turquoise—to compliment the look to perfection. Alternatively, what you can do is wear a smart, ironed, crisp white shirt with a collar. This makes for a nice, polished, semi-formal look that you can rock at any office party or meetup!


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