Engineered Knit Dress Sleeveless Halter Neck Style 146C26 LBG
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Engineered Knit Dress Sleeveless Halter Neck Style 146C26 LBG



Engineered Knit Dress Sleeveless Halter Neck Style 146C26 LBG


Wear this Greek-inspired vintage dress that has the halter neck down to perfection. In light, cool shades of turquoise and white, this dress is an instant eye-catcher and ideal for parties, especially in the summers. It can be worn in the outdoors with great ease, thanks to its practicality. As always, this dress from Barbara Gerwit does not compromise fashion for function. Will you look absolutely stunning in this dress? Yes. But will you also be able to move around, dance, work, and be yourself in this dress? Hell yes!

The round halter neck gives the dress something of a statement—makes it stand out and look fancy. But don’t let the fancy look fool you. It’s a dress that you can wear indoors and to family gatherings, too, because it’s so comfortable. It’s the good-quality cotton that makes it so comfy—and the spandex helps it be elastic. We must also mention that this dress is very durable and very easy to maintain. It can easily be washed with the rest of your laundry and does not need much effort!



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